Terms and conditions of loterry

When entering the Clover Prize Draw, players agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. A hard copy can be obtained by contacting the office on 07858282317.

Clover reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice.

Promoter – Clover – Family Cover.

Responsible Person – Renata Orczyk, CEO and founder of Clover.

The Prize Draw

The Clover Prize Draw is run on the basis that each person who has filled out a short questionnaire and provides their contact details will be entering the prize draw. Five questionnaires will be selected at random and the winners will win a set of promoting products, for example mugs with company logo, handmade soap, sweets, jewellery, etc.

The Draw will be made on the 30th June 2018 at Szkolny Festyn Rodzinny, Southampton.

All winners will be announced during the event or contacted by telephone.

Data Protection

Data held by Clover, is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and will not be passed to or sold to any other organisation.

Self Exclusion

We are aware that members, for personal reasons, may wish to exclude themselves from playing in the Clover Prize Draw. Requests for self exclusion from the Prize Draw should be made by phone, contacting the Responsible Person on 07858282317.

Age Restrictions

Under the Gambling Act 2005, players in the Clover Prize Draw must be aged 16 or over, it is an offence for any person under the age of 16 to play or to win a prize. By subscribing to the Lottery any player is agreeing to allow the promoter to undertake any appropriate action to establish age verification.


Clover staff and their families are excluded from entering the Prize Draw.

Complaints Procedure

Any complaints received by Clover will be handled under the Complaints Procedure, a copy of which is available upon request, by contacting the Clover Office on office@myclover.co.uk.